Citation Format for Anthologies and Compilations

When citing anthologies and compilations:

  • the name of the editor or compiler should be followed by a comma, and then an abbreviation which indicates the function that the individual performed -- such as "ed." for editor, "comp." for compiler, or "trans." for tranlator
  • when an individual is responsible for multiple functions, such as translating an compiling a book, list those functions in the order in which they are presented on the book's title page (e.g. "comp. and trans.")

Basic Format
Editor or Compiler's Last Name, First Name, function/s.  Book Title.  Publication City:  Publisher Name, Year. 
Publication Medium.

Citation Examples

Anthology with Multiple Compilers 
Brown, Jean E., Elaine C. Stephens, and Janet E. Rubin, comps.  Images from the Holocaust: A Literature
Anthology.  Lincolnwood: National Textbook, 1997.  Print.

Anthology in Which The Editor Is Also the Translator
Campos, Anthony John, trans. and ed.  Mexican Folk Tales.  Tuscon: U of Ariz P, 1977.  Print.