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 Health Services Calendar

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 School Nurse


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 Health Services


Mary Jo Lindl, MS, RN

School Nurse

Phone: 224-765-2200
Fax: 224-765-2708


 Administrative Assistants:

Maria McCraren: Phone: 224-765-2201; Fax: 224-765-2708; Email:
Marisol Lugo: Phone: 224-765-2205; Fax: 224-765-2708: Email:

Office Hours
Giant Days & White Days 7:30 AM-3:15 PM 
Blue Days 9:00 AM -3:15 PM

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 Announcement / August 26, 2015


Students: If you become ill during school hours you must first come to Health Services Room A132 to see Ms. Lindl RN, your school nurse. If she determines that you need to be sent home, her office must contact your parent or guardian, even if you’re 18. You will be given a pass to check out at the security desk located at H entrance or Main entrance. Once you go home ill, you may not return to school until the following day even if you feel better. If you leave campus without following these procedures, you will have an unexcused absence for all classes missed and this will not be reversed. Please do not have your parent/guardian call the Attendance office regarding going home ill.

Estudiantes: Si te enfermas durante las horas escolares tú debes venir primero a Servicios de Salud cuarto A132 para ver a la Sra. Lindl RN, tu enfermera escolar. Si ella determina que necesitas irte a la casa, su oficina debe comunicarse con tu padre/madre o guardián, aun cuando tengas 18 años. Se te dará un pase para registrar la salida en el escritorio de seguridad que está en la entrada H o en la entrada Principal. Después de que te hayas ido a la casa enfermo, no puedes regresar a la escuela hasta el otro día aun cuando ya te sientas mejor. Si te vas del campo escolar sin seguir estos procedimientos, tu tendrás una inasistencia injustificada por todas las clases perdidas y ésto no será revocado.  Por favor no hagas que tu padre/madre/guardián llame a la oficina de Asistencia en referencia a irte a la casa por estar enfermo.


 2016-2017 Deadlines



  • Please send in health forms as early as possible. Health Services is not open during the summer.
  • Incoming Freshman Class of 2020 school physical and immunization records : May 1,2016. 
  • Rising Seniors Class of 2017 meningitis immunization record: August 19.
  • Transfer students: school physical, immunization, and eye exam  records within 30 days of registration.



 Annual Reminders

  • ​If your student has a known health condition (asthma, diabetes, food allergies, anaphylaxis) please provide our office with the proper medication, Permission to Administer Medication form, Action Plan,  and materials to treat your student effectively during the school day and in the event of an emergency.

  • With written parental/guardian and licensed prescriber signatures on the Permission to Administer Medication form, the school nurse will be able to administer ibuprofen or acetaminophen on an as-needed basis; I have stock supply of both. Reminder: IL School Code does not allow  students to carry medication on campus; exceptions are epinephrine auto-injectors, asthma rescue inhalers, and diabetes medication.

 Health Service Documents and Forms