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HPHS Robotics Wins the
Wisconsin State FTC Robotics Tournament


The HPHS Robotics team is proud to announce the Beastie Bots won the Wisconsin State FTC Championship on Saturday, Jan 29, 2011! The Beastie Bots will now be joining the Thunderbots at the National FTC Robotics’ Championship in St. Louis in late April. 

The winning robotic team included Michael Schoof, Jordan Kravitz, Adam Hartman, Josh Muller, Leo Schwartz, Ryan Migalla, Kyle Krammer, Kush Patel, Zach Shartiag, Robert Stepp, Dylan Eirinberg and Lennie Smoliak.

In our second year of competition, the HPHS Thunderbots have become a “force to be reckoned with”. In the 2009 season, we won the Rockwell Collins Award for Innovation at the Illinois tournament; we placed in the top 5 in both Illinois and Wisconsin. In 2010, The Thunderbots won the Illinois State Tournament and the Beastie Bots won the Wisconsin State Tournament. The HPHS Thunderbots also won the 2010 Motivate Award at the Wisconsin State tournament. 

The Thunderbots include Jacob Burroughs, Scott Greene, Max Jacobson, Josh Muller, Grady and Reily Negronida, Ketan Patel, Shira Shartiag, Alex Spizman and Zoe Talman. The HPHS Thunderbots share Dean Kamen’s vision of creating a place where science and technology are celebrated and people dream of becoming science and technology superstars. The HPHS Robotics team has students who are learning how to think and solve difficult problems, and work on complex issues with big teams.

The Thunderbots are sponsored by Jonathan Weiland and Lars Nelson. The Thunderbots have been supported by HPHS PTO, the District 113 Foundation, the Grainger Foundation and Seedman Foundation and the parents of the team members.